A Review On White Teeth By Zaddie Smith

White teeth by Zaddie Smith is one of the bestselling books worldwide. However one may wonder what makes this book interesting. Questions on the title of the book come into peoples mind wondering whether the title is literal or symbolic. This book is a deep adventure into the human being’s psychological system and through the numerous questions that individuals ask out aloud. The main question in the content of the book is ‘’why not?’’.
In this book Zaddie Smith creates a vivid representation of the whole world since each and every character in the book represents a culture very different from the other in almost every element. All these characters or rather cultures respond differently to those whispered questions.
The book brings out a blend of pathos and humor while at the same time illustrating the tough choices and decisions that immigrants and their people face when they come into interaction with a whole new society with different type of people who have different beliefs.
Immigration is a dominant theme in these book as the immigrant characters are faced with different challenges between embracing the new cultures or being conservative and preserving their cultures. The book brings into scope a variety of backgrounds including Afro-Caribbean, Muslims and Jewish among others.
Teeth also comes in when trying to bring out the fact that all people are the same regardless of their background. This is brought out in the sense that teeth is the overlapping quality on all individuals and that regardless of the skin color, culture, religion or home country the teeth are white.
For the readers each character invokes a feeling of love or hatred to the reader due to the long list of different things the different characters are associated with. However like it was seen before all these characteristics were played down by the white teeth factor.

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