Lightning / Dean Koontz

Genre: ThrillerMain characters: Laura Shane, Stefan KriegerSummary: Laura Shane grew up knowing she had a special guardian to protect her when things got really rough: a blond guy, always looking the same and not afraid to use a gun and/or physical violence. The mysterious apparitions ceased after a while so Laura, now married and with [...]

The Taking / Dean Koontz

Genre: Sci-fiMain characters: Molly and Neil SloanSummary: It seemed like an ordinary night. Molly, a wannabe writer, couldn’t sleep and thought she might work a little. Looking at the rain falling down she noticed in wonder that it was… luminescent, not at all like an ordinary rain. While she put this to some sort of [...]

Odd Thomas / Dean Koontz

Genre: ThrillerMain characters: Odd Thomas, Bronwen “Stormy” LlewellynSummary: Odd Thomas is a good guy with small ambitions: to be the best fry cook in his little town. Or a good tire seller. Or a shoe salesman. Anything to make the money to be able to marry his destiny, the love of his life, Stormy. The [...]

Life Expectancy / Dean Koontz

Genre: FictionMain characters: Jimmy Tock and his wife Lorrie LynnSummary: Five terrible days. This is what fate holds in store for Jimmy Tock. How does he know that? His grandfather became a sort of prophet just before his death and accurately predicted his future grandson’s dimensions, name and the fact that he will have syndactyly, [...]

The Husband / Dean Koontz

Genre:Thriller Main characters: Mitch Rafferty, Holly RaffertySummary: Mitch and Holly are happily married and living a peaceful life. Her dream is to become a real-estate agent while he runs a small gardening business. One sunny afternoon Mitch receives a very disturbing call: his wife’s been kidnapped and the ransom is two million dollars! Given that [...]